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Module code: ALIS628
Credits: 10
Semester: 2
International: Yes
Coordinator: Dr David García León (SPANISH)
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This module provides an overview of (Critical) Discourse Studies, an interdisciplinary field that aims to understand how language is used in real-world situations and how linguistic variables are related to socio-political contexts. The module begins by exploring definitions such as discourse and context, and by providing an overview of some of the main approaches to Discourse Analysis. Building on such foundations, the module continues by focusing on Critical Discourse Analysis, an approach to discourse that emphasises the relationship between language, identity, power, representation, and ideology. The final section of the module examines different cases in which social issues such as migration, racism, disability, gender and sexual diversity, and education are discursively constructed. Given the interdisciplinary and applied nature of Discourse Studies, this module will engage students not only in theoretical (linguistic) discussions, but also in analysing discourses and exploring their socio-political effects

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