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Module code: AD260
Credits: 5
Semester: Year-Long
Quota: 40
International: Yes
Coordinator: Dr Camilla Fitzsimons (ADULT EDUCATION)
Overview Overview

This module is designed for people who might have never heard of the expression ‘community education’ but who are interested to find out more. It might also be of interest to students who have first-hand experience of community education but are unfamiliar with the ideas and concepts behind it. In this module you will learn about alternative ways of teaching and learning, ways that are often political and politicising. You will hear about how the women’s movement, community development and other social movements challenged more dominant ideas about education and linked teaching and learning to everyday struggles.

1. Introduce a history of community education nationally and internationally.
2. Offer an outline of models of community education; vocational (meaning for work), personal (meaning for self-development) and socially transformative (meaning as an attempt to change the world, or at least parts of it).
3. Detail government policy directives on community education both Nationally and at European level.
4. Explore some of the main philosophies, or theories that are behind this alternative way of thinking about, and doing, community-based education.

*Note: This module is required if you wish to take Module AD261 (semester two)

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